BlackBerry Plans Security Feature for Android, iPhone

Tug of war between iPhone and Samsung had also affected BlackBerry a lot, and to counter those setbacks now the Canadians are up with some solid sort of plans in mobile security.

Yesterday in Toronto, Canada, the company had said to offer technology for securing both personal and professional data on the Android and iOS based phones. This high end product will be sold to enterprise clients whose employees are a part of those BB rivals. However, BlackBerry will not make any profits this year out of such an idea, but this one will help them to gain those lost arenas in the initial 365 days tenure.

The new Secure Work Space feature will be made available from June this year and would utilize BlackBerry 10 platform which is entitled to the BB corporate and government clients for their corporate emails, tasks, memos, web browsing and document editing.

To gain the lost piles of market share, this cell phone maker had introduced a range of smartphones inclusive of BlackBerry 10 operating system only with touch screen itself, but will soon receive a keyboard avatar by April. This roll out is being witnessed by 20 countries and does ensures its users a privacy for their personal feeds lest of corporate oversight.

BlackBerry Plans Security Feature for Android iPhone

As per Peter Devenyi, head of enterprise software, BlackBerry, users of Secure Work Space will not have to bear the additional expense of virtual private network (VPN) infrastructure because BB is lending the same end-to-end encryption for data transmission since many years.

The new clutter will also land BlackBerry on the reducing margin side as they are in the BB Service business for quite many years and are also facing pressure to reduce infrastructure cost, which will now be opted for BlackBerry 10 workouts. Taking an overall look at the scenario, safety feature for Android and iOS may also give business to BB Service, because more of encouragement will evolve from its new customer base.

Lastly, Z10, the newly launched smatrphone from BlackBerry, had exceeded expectations of sales department especially in markets like India, which is very much popular for the cost effective and entry-level phones.

Hopefully, signs of rise had started popping out!

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