Microsoft and Apple declare war on Yahoo and Google

Two big names in the world of tech are trying their hand on digitally connected TVs. So will Microsoft and Apple be able to succeed in a terrority that is dominated by Yahoo and Google? Tom Gibbons from Microsoft who is the member of team of Windows Phone since the year 2009 and also the head of Microsoft Hardware business (who have made some very successful mice and keyboards) has now been repurposed. He is now the ‘corporate vice president of television and service business with in Interactive Entertainment Business of Microsoft’. His responsibilities now include driving the usage of subscriptions and also global partnerships for the business unit. He has been given this post because he has experience in software, hardware and consumer product development.

In simple terms, Gibbons is hardware guy. While at Windows Phone team, he has led a group which came up with designs of hardware reference for Windows Phone 7 gadgets and a lot of tech pundits are now asking if Microsoft is planning to declare a way on Net-connected TV game. There are rumors regarding this since last year and the company has had good success with interface of Xbox content the Media Center systems also adds to intrigue.

Microsoft might be injecting their hardware, software and computer know how in a physical TV and the company might announce it soon. Apple too is planning to license their AirPlay technology to the electronic makers for streaming TV content, and movies on TV sets without iPads or Mac connected.

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