The Nintendo Wii U

The Nintendo Wii u is the latest gaming console from Japan and is a wacky nostalgic trip down the gaming arena. It has a collection of retro and games that run on a hardware of the previous generation. It has a huge touch screen and is absolute fun. It looks as if it is a toy from another universe. If you inst grammed an Xbox and then hacket it such that you would play Mario how would your experience be? The Nintendo Wii u is something like that.

Basically, this gaming console has a very divided opinion since its release and with a very creative touch screen controller and a game pattern inspired by the retro mode; it is very easy to understand why it is so. Nintendo is quietly doing its job and enjoying all the attention it gets. It is an innovative Game pad and it is interesting to see Nintendo finally in HD. It has a good online approach and also shares a large launch lineup. It is priced a little extravagantly but people don’t mind it really.

The battery life is not for too long and the interface sometimes tends to be sluggish. The Nintendo Wii U would very soon lock horns with the other offerings from Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo Wii U shows ease of use and also is priced reasonably and thus the Wii introduced Nintendo once again into the popular games arena.

The new Wii U Game pad is a combination of a traditional controller and a tablet. It has a 6.2 touch screeen display that works along with what is shown on the television. A single input device for the wireless includes everything that you need. So there are two analog sticks and eight input buttons along with a directional pad. There is a front facing camera and it helps to control your television too. There is also a near field communication.

The Game pad is so designed that it would complement all the big screen games you wanted. So whether it is a screen for map and inventory inform whether it is for a standard controller or some other uses, it works separately from the television.

The Wii U comes with a single Game Pad and there are chances that in the future there would be two. The Multiplayer games still use the wand like Wii Remotes of the last console. The new Wii U pro controller has many similarities with the Xbox 360 controller.

The Wii U is rising up in the popularity chart and is on the level of Play Station 3 and Xbox 360. the Nintendo Wii U is a grand success and there is a certain lag in the definition output plus the graphics technology but however the sales of HDTV and other streaming media took off.

Nintendo Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U is kept such that it is at the centre of the digital universe. You get the Netfliz but Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and You tbe would come in later. The big Nintendo Ti Vii allows you to show that the users can track and would be activated very much later.

Thus, the Nintendo Wii Review gives a mix of the novel and the old and is available in two packages. There is a basic set on the lower end. This has a white Wii U console with an internal flash storage of 8 GB. There is also a white Game pad, an HDMI cable, AC adapters for the controller and the console and a sensor bar for Wii Remotes.

Then you have a Premium Pack, which gives you the Game Pad and the black console with an internal flash storage of 32 GB. The bundle also has the Nintendo land, and also gives a charging cradle for the Game pad. The Nintendo land is an attempt to educate the user about the game and it is a very smart tutorial for the features, which are part of the system. Only around 3GB of the storage of the Basic Set can be used for games. In the Premium console, you can get games of 29 GB.

The Nintendo Wii U looks smaller than the initial Wii and has rounded edges and is longer at a measurement of 10.75 inches long and around 6.75 inches wide. It is around 1.8 inches tall and also plays the older version games of the Wii, on the normal DVD. But Wii U cannot accept the Game Cube discs.

With the Nintendo hardware, having a history of being very reliable the Nintendo Wii U is also only making the market of tech games very interesting.

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