US accuses China of cyber security breaches

Hacking issue is been on the hot-topics for last some months and now it had outgrown anger in US to an extreme level.

America’s official machinery White House accuses China for the series of cyber attacks on its organizations and institutions. This problem had became so extreme that famous faces of America like Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Jay-Z had been ripped of their financial accounts and other details on internet.

To be more precise about the accusations, US had blamed Chinese military for such activity, but to our contradiction, foreign minister Mr. Yang Jiechy of Chinese Embassy in Washington said, China is also a victim of such attacks and needs more stringent laws on cyber security being developed by mutual cooperation, rather than a war.

US Accuses China for Cyber Security Issues

Mr. Thomas Donilon, of National Security had called a meeting with Chinese authorities on Monday to address the urgency of this problem and to sort out its solution. He also forced China to be a part of an international effort for laying down guidelines and other norms to tackle this immense offense in cyberspace.

However, these types of discussions are not something new in US as Mr. President Barack Obama had also addressed this derivation at State of the Union Address in last month, but dusting all the worries from Chinese counterpart Yang added, “We oppose cyberspace becoming a new battlefield, and to using the internet as a new tool to interfere in another country’s internal affairs.”

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